sábado, 9 de julio de 2011


Vacation, children, at last;
I wish you have a good time,
and please don't hear about crime,
hear music, pretty contrast;
...and when you return you must
learn in the school that yo'll be
who will lead this country and see
that the peace won't ever break
and please never for God's sake
you'll accept that ugly PRI.

Benjamín Cortés Valadez


domingo, 12 de junio de 2011


"DÉCIMA TO ENSM 75o. ANNIVERSARY Our School, seventy five years old; very proud of

her amount of sons, but also sad of the repeated groans that make stdents feel about

it cold; we know its history: it's all made of gold, but I thinks deserves more than

one command; its name be written but not just in sand but in lasting material as has

been its will that education shaped and it's doing still to help the causes of this

blessed land. "

Profesor: Benjamín Cortés Valadez.


martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Read here.

The video bellow it was suppose to appear in this publication but, I haven´t develop my skills on this, lol. well, the footage that you can watch bellow of this, is about a interesting Tv program broadcasted by Discovery channel, called "indice de maldad". Honestly, I don´t know the name of this program in english, I found it in spanish. This footage is very interesting if you are into serial killer minds and psychology stuff. It talks about people that killed for different reasons and a doctor made out sort of like a clasification of evil depending on the killer and other beautiful things(jaja). You will find more in the related videos in youtube, watch them, and share it.
Have a nice week, greetings from the afternoon shift.

David Garcia Perez English 6 th

Indice de Maldad Mentes Maestras 1/5

viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

DaNce Your Dance*

I transcend all the time, I transcend all space, I transcend all objects, I ever transcend everything, I am of the Nature that is not an atom of consided, I am of the nature that has not an atom of attachment; I am Of the Nature of the Inmaculated Supreme Brahaman Absolute, enquiries this fastly in to this every Day*....

I am ever of the Nature of truth; This I am, this I am...
I am of the Nature of Changes conciousness, This I am...
All that exist is this alone, Beloved, know yourself to been this alone...
.... And be Happy...
All is word, this life, this existems, this is your life, this is your dance; DANCE YOUR DANCE BE HAPPY, remain this attachment, remain with this desire and Dance your Dance..... Remain in Peace And Dance Your Dance...
Remain Free, Remain all, Remain perfect, Remain as this and Dance your Dance..... be one with this.... included all this, and Dance your Dance, This is Your Nature......


☆~*•. ,¸(´*•.¸ ♥¸.•*´)¸,.•*~☆_/|\_~ नमस्ते ๑ॐ♥"))) ♥๑NaHui*

☆~*•. ,¸(´*•.¸ ♥¸.•*´)¸,.•*~☆_/|\_~ नमस्ते ๑ॐ♥"))) ♥๑ NaHui*

lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Implications of Effective Communication Behavior

Social Growth

As social beings living with others, we need to communicate effectively with others. No one can live-certainly not live fully-isolated from all other human beings.
We are social creatures with strong social needs, an these needs are met through communication.

Most of us have had both successful communication experiences, some wonerfully wholesome and satisfying. One of the purposes in our study of speech communication, then, is to gain a better understanding of social communication.

Cooperative Action
We cannot do alone things that bring us greater control over our environment and fuller, more satisfying lives.
The culmination of such efforts are organizations-bussines, industries, schools, goverments, and even world political organizations.
Organizations enable us to solve mutual problems and to bring order into our environment.
Decisions are made through organizations, and actions are taken through organizations.
In a free and democratic society, effective communication is reguired within govermental units as well as among the general citizenry.
We share knowledge, information, attitudes, and judments in formal, on -the job situations as well as in formal audience situations. We make known our attitudes an try to persuade others; and we listen to the others as they express their attitudes and share their insights and knowledge with us.
This process of sharing information and view points is necessary to cooperative action in our world.

sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

One of the losers.

How come to happen,
so low have I fallen?
a change comes fast
the one will last.

How sure you are,
you wish to have
someone that will go
might keep you sad.

How it can be
that our most deep fear
is the only thing
that we can´t see.

if there is a reason to live,
I know that can´t be you
but it used to feel so good
when I love thee.

May life be wrong,
it destroys what I want,
as ironic as love,
the love I long.

By: David García Pérez.